About the Sport

Racquetball is one of the fastest games on the planet, with the ball traveling up to 180 mph. That's faster than NASCAR, faster than tennis, and almost twice as fast as baseball. It is a sport you can play from age 5 to age 80, with courts in most athletic clubs and competition for all age and skill divisions in every state around the US. You can find an extensive list of tournaments here.

Racquetball was founded in the 1960s and quickly became popular. It was a sport that people of all ages could play for hours, having fun and getting a great workout. Soon after professional racquetball came to be, providing a great lifestyle of travelling and competition for men and women around the world. Most recent estimates put the racquetball player community at over 5 million.

About Charlie Pratt

Charlie Pratt

About the Pro

Charlie Pratt was born April 17th, 1986 in Portland, OR. He first started playing at age six when his mother took him to the local athletic club. He was intrigued by a doubles match and asked his mom how to play. She explained the rules a little and signed him up for lessons that day. He played his first tournament at age seven and by age eleven was already a national singles champion. He also won a world doubles title later that year. At age 14 he qualified for the US Junior team and continued to do so until age 18, winning two more national titles and earning US Junior Team MVP along the way.

After Juniors he attended Colorado State University - Pueblo, a powerhouse college team. He won multiple titles in singles, doubles and men's team title. During his junior year in college he was offered the referee job on the International Racquetball Tour. He started touring full-time in 2009 and was ranked #44 in the world. By the end of his rookie season he climbed the ranks to #11. He continued to improve and ended his second year at #9.

He is now in his third season on tour and ranked #8 in the world.

His determination in the sport is now motivated by the passing of his grandfather, former CEO of Hawaiian Electric. Charlie's grandfather had already made his mark on the world at the age of 25 by attending Yale, serving his country as an engineer in the army and attaining the rank of eagle scout. Upon his passing Charlie compared his own life to this great man, a comparison that now fuels his determination and motivation for greatness in the racquetball world and beyond.