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National Doubles 2015

Posted on: February 11th, 2015 by Charlie No Comments

Tempe, AZ. Home of Arizona State University Sun Devils, 100 degree heat all year, and the greatest doubles tournament in the world. Each year, a few hundred racquetball enthusiasts gather at the ASU rec center with one goal in mind: teamwork, a word not often associated with racquetball. This tournament has created hall-of-famers, USA Team members, world champions, gold medals. Dreams are made every year at this tournament.

Some of the best teams to appear over the past decade: Rocky/Jack, Ben/Mitch, Ben/Rocky, Aimee/Janel.

The stadium court is packed to watch four unbelievably talented people swing, bump and dive their way through the controlled, yet, chaotic speed that will leave you in awe of ones reaction time. Doubles is a game where strategy is everything, talent is nothing, and momentum must be respected. Once in a while, an individual will prove their worth by catching fire and almost silencing the other players on the court.

Dynamics. Every player is different. Instead of two styles, you have four. Four personalities, four body types, four minds. How do these two people match up as a team? More importantly, how do they match up against their opponents?

Tune in and see. The tournament will be streamed live on

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